Sunday, September 12, 2010

Photo Shoot Party

Attended my friend's Dinner Party turn Photo Shoot the other night.
Then had a pleasant summer night walk home.

Photos: Tracy Cistone.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

End of Summer Dance Party

I biked over to East River Park in Williamsburg to meet a friend. We witnessed the Dept. of Sanitation burning... or something else over there burning!

Later we walked over to McCarren Park to meet some other friends. On the way, we stopped at a few good shops...

First stop, a small used book/record shop on Wythe Avenue. I purchased a paperback of Moll Flanders for $1.

Afterward, we popped into this neat little scent shop called CB: I Hate Perfume... Lining the white square shelves were hundreds of little vials, all filled with unique blends of random scents... Leather, Burning Wood, some Apple blend, and so on. Scents that remind you of specific events in your life. Which is the point of this venture, I think. I loved it! If anyone is in the area, please (!!) make a visit to this place. It is fantastic!

Then we continued on to the Park...

After a lounge in the grass, the bunch of us meandered around the neighborhood for awhile, grabbing a drink at The Charleston on Bedford Avenue, then making our way over to Havemeyer Street.

We enjoyed a delicious dinner at Nha Toi, then decided to have an ending of the summer dance party at my vintage shop.
It was wonderful! Like having a dress-up party in a big walk-in costume closet! Actually, that is exactly what it was...
This was, by far, the most fun event to happen this summer.

Photos: Tracy Cistone.